Wednesday, 1 June 2016 07:38

The advantages of Dhuha prayer.

This is just a small story, not much impact to ordinary hearts but those who fester in the love and power of The Almighty would feel taken aback by this little story of what happened to my mother. Apparently, my mother just found out by her friends that praying Dhuha actually works as your life shield, it saves you whether from a small pebble of problem to a big one, it works in mysterious ways. God works in mysterious and miraculous ways, indeed. My mother then started to pray Dhuha consistently starting a few days ago, two days to be precise. The thing that gave my mom the will to put her knees in Sujood every morning after Subh prayer was how much she was pretty much done with her employers letting out anger and blame on her everyday, whether it is regarding a mistake like using false words on letters to be sent to the authorities to pretty much every mistake that my mother's clients make. It is deemed that my mother fails to guide her clients. So, she thought that at least, by praying Dhuha, she could say, "I got mad by my employers today, but at least, I pray Dhuha and that makes me feel content and grateful.". I find it a beautiful effort from my mother, because usually, she gets too busy and dragged away by all the goods that the dunya offers and seeing her at least aware of the fact that being in contact with God through prayers equals to peace, it jolts me with an indescribable ecstasy. So today, on 1st June of 2016, a miracle happened to her. A small miracle sent from Allah S.W.T, sent out of His Leniency and Mighty Love to my melancholic mother with such a hard luck to be granted with harsh employers and the fact that she has to tolerate with those angry people. My mother received a call from one of her employers, started with a polite greeting but my mother expected wrong. It was the kind of call that would get to the point where she would be fired. A petty mistake as not putting a date on a letter which was to be sent to the highest authorities, a petty mistake made by my mother's clients, was going to get my mother exchanged or worse, fired. Oh, how angry was the man on the phone with my mother, bickering about how my mother could even pass that mistake. She couldn't contain her adrenaline running, and she stuttered with the words, "No... it can't be. I always think things thoroughly." and bam, her speaking anything made things worse. The phone call was over, and mother sat down, had a moment of foreseeing her future which to her at that moment consisted of being jobless and the worries of having to take care four kids, I assume. I was there to stare and be speechless. I couldn't say anything, of course. Couldn't even find the right words. Mother was too sad to the point where she gave up on finding hope to make her feel scure. She thought that life for her was meant to be that way, and she only depended on Allah S.W.T. Everything was too heavy for her, and at that moment she had the only One to hold onto when life drops too hard, which was The Almighty.

to be continued.

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