Sunday, 4 November 2012 01:11

So I'm having a sort of 
big examination
Wait, not 'sort of' because it really is. This is the exam which ensure my class for next year. I really want to make a big improvement on my education. I used to be a lack of effort person in chasing dream. For example I want to get straight As for next exam but I really don't work for it. Well that's called hopeless dream. I'm not sure if I can use the word 'used to' because I am not that stud right now but I can see a little improvement in myself this month. I'm awaiting for my result for this final exam. I am educated in SMK(A) Naim Lilbanat and since this school is already declared as the high educated school, then I have to be a stud like other students in this school. I must fit in this kind of atmosphere. I'm 13 years old and you know fitting in new school and being a junior is some kind of awkward thing to be served out right? I had a really great time when I was in primary school especially when I have passed the most big test that will specify my  secondary school, UPSR. I got 5As for that. *Act humble*. I got two chooses for my future secondary school just in case if I don't get one, I will go to another. My selections are whether to SMK(A) Naim Lilbanat or SMK Zainab I. I got offered to go to Zainab and yay for me but my mom wanted me to go to Naim because my sister used to be one of it's students and she is such a genius liddat yanno duh. Then I got Naim. Here I am now and for your information I have a lot of rivalries to be fought with. That's why I'm working my ass off to get a great result so I can get my parents proud and also for myself. Today I took Bahasa Melayu and Pendidikan Islam. They weren't that hard but I'm not being over-confident here and I just hope the best for myself. I don't care how marks I get for those 9 subjects, all I care is having 9As. InsyaAllah. Tomorrow I have to take three papers which are English, Geography and Science. Phew, if I'm saying to myself that I have to solicit a great achievement, then I have to make efforts for that and now I'm going to enjoy the moving particles in my Science book so uhm gotta go. I really hope that wishing me good luck is already in your pleasure and it is my big big big honor to thank you guys for that lol. Bye!

Sealed with lots of xs,
Your dearest,

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