Cory Monteith.

Thursday, 18 July 2013 23:46

I scrolled my twitter timeline, reading the first tweet that stated about Cory Monteith's death. That was the most grieving moment, my heart sunked in sorrow as I knew about this most tragic story. Then I scrolled more and the tweets income about Cory's death grew second by second. It was unbelievably sad, I couldn't even believe it at first but when the story spread, I felt so broken. Even though I have never had an alive contact with Cory but he was somehow my idol and his death or more like the most horrific tragedy affected me badly and deeply. Those offensive words, "Cory is still alive. It's just he is nowhere to be found." have seriously gotten me to the worst position. I'm sad and I don't know how to describe it. I'm a Justin Bieber stan but I'm also a hard core gleek. I can't even cope going a day without watching glee. Besides of watching  it for my entertainment, Glee is incredibly inspiring. It obviously shows us that it is legit necessary for us to never give up on our dreams and neglect the way we look in this case. Why would a person without hand, not able to walk, pregnant at the age of 16 without a legit marriage, gay or lesbian, or anything relatable be a way to stop you from dreaming? When you know that you're making a mistake but can't face the fact that it has to be you who must feel guilty, glee tells me that everything can be fixed. Just with one word, you will know how to undergo your life and that one word is, 'dream'. Nothing can be more wonderful than filling your mind with what you want to be. Lea Michele is one of the biggest inspirations to me. She is a very visionary and motivated person I have ever known. She has concepts, she does whatever she must do to reach her dream. And Cory, no words can describe how incredible he had been doing when he was here, breathing with us. He showed us that when you have problems, you find the solvers, not the cause. The conclusion is, Glee is a great tv series show that has affected me in a good way. Just by watching moving images behind my tv screen, I already feel inspired and knowing that Finn Hudson a.k.a Cory Monteith won't be in it like how he used to just literally broke my heart. How can I watch Glee without Finn in it? NO. My little heart just can't accept it. He was incredible, and so young, he still had to exploit his massive talent. He was gifted but why must this be the end for him? Plus, I wouldn't know how to interact with the reality anymore if I was Lea Michele. I shipped Finchel so hard because they both were incredibly talented. Lea and Cory planned to get married in two weeks but instead of Lea saying the lovely words, "I do", she has to give a sorrow speech at his fiance's funeral. It is just so heart-breaking.It is easy for you to say to us to move on, it does sound easy but so hard to do. Someday, I know I will move on but Cory and Finn's memories on Glee will always lay in my mind and heart. Finn Hudson and Cory Monteith, you were incredible as a human-being. You inspired countless of people, you had an exquisite journey. May you have the same too at further point but I am forever clueless to argue about that. Thank you, Cory for what you have done to me. I love you and you will always be remembered by us.

Cory didn't die. He just took a train going anywhere.

Sealed with lots of kisses,
Your dearest,

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