Never fade.

Monday, 5 August 2013 00:40

This was on December, 2012. I'm going to story you some of my thrilling and for that thrilling makes it an unforgettable experience. I hung out with my favourite cousins who never fail to put a genuine smile on my face. They always worth my laughter. We went to a theme park which had rollercoasters, and many kinds of rides. The rides really attracted us because they were the reason for unforgettable memories to be made. We really dig rides and we laughed so much I couldn't even collage the laughter to numbers. We went there in the morning with my fave uncle, also and here we go. There were a lot of people which was one of the reasons why the journey got spoiled but we were so excited so we didn't care. There were traffic jams and all related stuffs but after almost one hour and a half, we managed to arrive there. I got my bag, same goes to them and got out of the car. We first decided to watch some romcom or any horror movie at the cinema but we couldn't find any movie that we were looking for so we went all the way to the theme park. We already went there a couple of times but we still didn't get bored of it. The reason why we couldn't fully enjoy it was because it was an indoor theme park. Sooo yeah, here comes the first ride. We went to the not-really-hardcore one, it was the ride that directed us to circles and it seemed kiddish but fun. We couldn't help but laugh the whole time. The next ride was the most scary yet thrilling ride I have ever experienced. It was a some kind of a ship-looking but it requested a lot of seats each row. It remained at the same place but it spinned us to the directions that we had never been at. I swear it felt like it was the end of the world and it was surprising that I am still alive. My cousins and I prepared ourselves for hardcore screams and got our positions. I held Hannah's left hand, my cousin since I sat at her left, trying to calm the situation. Then boom the ride started as our screams followed. We screamed like demented mutants getting killed, we got held to the bottom which made us feel like we were going to fall and then swush it went up and down, left and right. The scariest thing was when the ride paused the position when our heads were at the bottom. I looked at Hannah and her face was priceless, epic, and funny and I burst out in laughter and screams at the same time. It was torturing but completely hilarious. When the ride stopped, we looked at each other, trying to check if we were still alive and we were and still. Our eyes were super red caused by the loud screams but it was worth it. We moved to the next ride. This ride required our bravery of heights so I decide to say that people who have fear of heights can't ride it, I guess. It was somehow boring but we had fun. After it was over, we moved to the rollercoaster part, my favourite ride. I've always had this one special chemistry with rollercoasters and such things. When I went to Gold Coast, I rode Escape, Green Lantern and many more themed rollercoasters and they were super sick but I swear that was the highlight of my life. The Escape one goes 0.2km per 2 seconds. It was god damn fun and I also rode skycoaster. You can already tell that it's some kind of the same as a bungee jumping and yes it is but we were held in a different way. I couldn't even feel my stomach when I was 200 meters above from the ground, I swear to God. Well, that's a story from my another trip. Back to the topic, I love rollercoasters. Me and my cousins rushed to the rollercoaster section and it wasn't really that scary as I expected because it's an indoor ride. It was fast but only took a while. We rode it like four times we didn't even know the meaning of getting bored that time. We rode almost everything at the theme park and we were extremely famished so we went to Mc'Ds. My favourite part! The day already hit the night and it was completely well-spent. We had starbucks on our way back home. We taped some videos and it was an amazingly memorable moment. 

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