Wednesday, 4 June 2014 12:19

The picture seems irrelevant....but oh well, that's my point. To put an irrelevant picture teehhee.

That picture basically sums up what I've been doing the whole time I'd disappeared. I've been spending a lot of times scrolling on websites that affect nothing to my life. Pretty much like Twitter, Tumblr and so on but I don't really mean 'nothing', I mean they do make me feel as happy as I can be as a regular teen whose life is as ordinary as having a normal sized house and a laptop, and a phone. It's 2:43am and I have no idea what brings me the idea and interest to post on Blogger after I'd left my blog website hanging for an undeniably long boring time. There is literally nothing much to tell about my life except that I've discovered a few hobbies that I did not expect them coming. I've got myself exposed to many kinds of addiction such as tv series show addiction, an addiction towards boy bands and, I suppose, a lot more. I don't exactly know why I led my life get to the point where it is no longer as meaningful as I felt back then when I was younger. Well, childhood consists of every meaningful stuff that results to a genuine smile unlike now. I mean, I do have genuine smiles, but basically those smiles come from idiots I see behind a screen. What is so fun about that, to be freaking honest? I guess I no longer find any other things that I should spend on because I think the stuffs that I've been doing now have become part of my routine, part of my life, I might say. I'm not in the mood to make blog posts like I used to, complex, significant and, confidential. I'm here just to simply describe what I've been up to. Nothing much to be complex about it. To go to the deeper side, I actually have been struggling with a few things. A few things that have been bothering my mind, not that I please the fact that I have those worries that I have to say it here but yeah, I'm not that go-go person. I never please the existence of depression. It is just so vicious that it rips your insides without you knowing what exactly is happening but it just perpetually kills you. When you find the end, there is always going to be another thing that is going to replace it, and you get anxieties again. It has become a life cycle. I suppose life's not about worrying what's coming, I guess it's about not letting it bother you and keep moving on. It's not all rainbows and unicorns but it's also not all sadness and depression. You get what I mean? Yeah. I do not necessarily feel devastated with the fact that there are times where you're going to be at downward spiral because as cliche as this sounds, life's too short to be unhappy. You should be using your sadness to discover more about you. It is one of the most wonderful things that sadness can grant to someone like, oh well, you.

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